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What We Can Do Before Having to File an Appeal

There are several post-trial motions that may be available to challenge the trial court’s ruling in the trial court, before the case ever goes up on appeal.

Some examples are a motion for new trial, a motion to vacate the court’s ruling based on an error in law or decision unsupported by the facts, a motion for reconsideration of new evidence unavailable at the time of the hearing, a motion to reopen the evidence for good cause, or a motion to correct clerical error.  Some of the timelines are tight, so be sure to contact appellate counsel immediately, on the day of your ruling, if you think you may need post-judgment assistance. Sometimes, a post-judgment motion can resolve an issue in the trial court, saving the time and expense of appeal. Other times, it may be a strategic way to preserve your record to ensure the best chance of success on appeal.

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