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It can be difficult to navigate legal claims and processes that involve family matters in Huntington Beach, CA. These cases often create strong emotions in those involved, and the additional pressure of a legal battle only adds to the stress of the process. Family law cases can also require a great deal of time, attention to detail, and various resources before they are closed. This process can be overwhelming, so the help of an experienced Huntington Beach family law attorney can ease some anxiety and stress. You can trust our team at the Law Offices of Lisa R. McCall to help you navigate any family law cases and fight for the most favorable outcome.

The Basics of Family Law

Any court proceedings that deal with family dynamics or relationships fall under the umbrella of family law. This area of practice is expansive, and the laws are often different on a state-to-state basis. Most states can change and adjust the laws determining family law proceedings, so the regulations and statutes can change regularly. You must find appropriate representation if you are facing a family law case. A family law attorney that is experienced, educated, and accomplished can be an invaluable resource as you navigate family court.

Common Practice Areas in Family Law

There are a wide variety of topics and legal cases that are included in family law. Some attorneys choose to only practice in a specific area of family law, such as divorce or paternity suits. In contrast, others prefer to practice general family law and engage with a variety of cases. Some of the most common practice areas that are considered family law are:

  • Divorce. Even under ideal circumstances, divorce proceedings can be difficult and emotional. Many factors must be considered when navigating a divorce, even if both partners are amicable and the divorce is not contested. Assets must be divided, child custody and support agreements must be reached, and spousal support must be determined. This process can be somewhat streamlined if there is a prenuptial agreement in place, but it will still take a significant amount of time. The assistance of an experienced family law attorney will make the whole process easier.
  • Child Custody and Support. If a divorcing couple shares children, then the negotiations surrounding child support and custody will likely be a top priority. The goal of child support is to maintain the lifestyle that the children are accustomed to, but that process can take months to finalize. It can also be challenging to determine who will be the primary caregiver and how the children’s time will be split. Regardless of any disagreements, the interest of the children involved should always be the main priority. A Huntington Beach family law attorney can help make this process run more smoothly and offer support and insight.
  • Domestic Violence. Family law cases that deal with domestic violence are some of the most difficult because of the highly emotional and often traumatizing nature of each case. Victims of domestic violence need support and encouragement as they make the decision to leave their abuser. Many actions, beyond only physical violence, can be classified as domestic violence, and a restraining order may be necessary. An accomplished family law attorney can provide some of the information and support needed to leave an abusive partner.
  • Parental Relocation. Finalizing a child support and custody agreement is often time-consuming and stressful. Once the agreement is accepted, it can be very difficult to get it amended, but there are certain circumstances when it is necessary. If a parent has to relocate for any reason, they will likely be required to return to court so that their child support and custody agreement can be reworked to ensure that the interests of the children involved are being met. The parents who are relocating must provide certain information to the courts to have the agreement changed, such as the reason for moving, what support they will have in the new location, how the children feel about the move, how far they are moving, and more.
  • Parentage and Establishing Paternity. Parentage and paternity are areas of family law that are especially significant for parents who are not married. When a child’s parents are not married, a parent other than the mother cannot exercise their rights regarding their child until paternity or parentage has been established. An unmarried father who does not have a good relationship with the mother could be kept from his child unless his paternity has been established clearly. A Declaration of Paternity could be signed willingly to establish paternity. If that is not possible, then there will be a paternity suit ordered by the courts to determine the parentage of any children.

Many other cases could also be considered family law, including legal separations, annulments, and grandparents’ rights. Navigating the legal system can be difficult, especially with the emotional nature of family law cases. An experienced Huntington Beach family law attorney will work with you to determine the most effective approach for your case.

The Cost of a Family Law Attorney

It is not always simple to estimate how much the services of a family law attorney may cost. Several factors could impact the fees that an attorney will charge. Some potential cost factors include:

  • Location. Where an attorney practices could impact how much they charge clients. The cost of living, travel expenses, and court fees could impact this.
  • Experience. Attorneys who have been practicing for many years may charge higher fees. They have a wealth of knowledge and resources from their time working. That experience will be reflected in the costs of their services.
  • Focused Practice Areas. Some attorneys choose to focus on a specific practice area, such as divorce or child support and custody. If an attorney engages in a specific area of practice, then their fees may be higher because of their focused knowledge and training.
  • Fees. Every family law attorney will charge fees for their services, but they may not all charge the same types of fees. Some may charge an hourly rate for clients, while others may choose to charge a flat fee.

Many things could impact the cost of working with a family law attorney, including complexities in your case, additional time or resources needed, and contingency fees. It is important to discuss costs with a potential attorney early on in your work with them so you are prepared for the costs. While there is no way to determine specific costs, it is a worthwhile expense to work with an experienced Huntington Beach family law attorney.

How a Huntington Beach Family Law Attorney Can Help

If you have no familiarity with the legal system, it can be overwhelming to try and navigate it. You must fill out paperwork, make court appearances, keep detailed documentation, and file any motions or appeals. These require a significant amount of time, attention to detail, and resources. You have the option to complete a family law claim without the assistance of an attorney, but working with an experienced Huntington Beach family law attorney can make the process much easier.

An accomplished family lawyer can give you peace of mind and confidence as you take your family law case to the courts. There are three primary ways a family lawyer can offer invaluable support.

  • Education. The accomplished family law attorneys from the Law Offices of Lisa R. McCall have dedicated years of their lives to understanding the laws, statutes, and regulations that govern family law. They work hard to ensure that they are up to date with any recent changes in the law so that they can craft an effective approach for each client. Their knowledge of family law allows them to assess the specific details of your case and advise you as you move forward.
  • Experience. The team at the Law Offices of Lisa R. McCall has over twenty years of combined experience. They have worked with clients from many walks of life and advised on claims that range from divorce to parentage establishment. This vast experience means that we have tried successful and unsuccessful cases. This experience allows us to analyze your case, anticipate potential challenges, and help you create an effective plan of action.
  • Guidance. Trying to navigate the legal system on your own can be overwhelming. A Huntington Beach family law attorney can offer you the support, resources, and guidance you need throughout your case. The team of experienced family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Lisa R. McCall will walk with you during your case from beginning to end.

Family law covers a wide variety of practice areas and cases. You should not face your family law case alone, whether you are renegotiating a child support agreement, establishing parentage, or divorcing your spouse. The knowledge, guidance, and resources of an accomplished Huntington Beach family law attorney can make the process easier to face. The team at the Law Offices of Lisa R. McCall is ready to help you, with over two decades of family law experience. Contact us today for all your family law needs.

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